Water Resources

Ahmin Technology & Power Systems Limited offers diverse experience on water resources projects – from innovative water quality improvement to master drainage to large-scale hydraulic structures and watercourse rehabilitation in urban settings. Our professional services include storm water detention, infiltration and rain garden systems, wetland  development and protection, open channel convergence systems and computerized storm  water systems studies. We provide comprehensive planning, analysis, design, permitting and  construction assistance that deftly balances community demand and the needs of  development with the environment.

Dams and Reservoirs

At Ahmin Technology & Power Systems Limited, we provide a specialized approach to the planning, analysis and design of dams, spillways, outlets, and reservoirs. Taking into consideration unique needs, our water resource, structural, and geotechnical experts discover and implement ways to right-size your dam or reservoir project – so it’s safer and more efficient.

Our Dams and Reservoir Services include:

§ Appurtenant Facilities Design

§ Construction Services

§ Cost Estimating

§ Dam Safety Studies

§ Dam, Spillway and Outlet Design

§ Feasibility Studies

§ Instrumentation and Control Design

§ Rehabilitation and Enlargement Plans

§ Site Investigation

Watercourse Restoration

With a background in both traditional hard-armoring (riprap, sheetpile, and concrete) and newer bioengineering techniques (using plants and other natural materials), we rehabilitate water channels in ways that are sensitive to the dynamic needs of the planet and the unique needs of your project.

Flood Risk Management

We help communities select the most appropriate flood mitigation measures in response to local conditions. These measures protect residents from catastrophic flooding events and preserve the ambience of the community.

Following the evaluation and selection process, we design safe, attractive, and functional flood management facilities: sustainable levees, floodwalls, pumping stations, bypass channels, reservoirs, and earthen and concrete dams.

With our multi-disciplined, single source approach, we provide solutions to a variety of flood risk management projects, from concept through construction maintenance and support.