Buildings, bridges, floodwalls, retaining walls, large diameter sewers, and more—our structural team has experience on complex projects that span from demolition to new construction and everything in between. Working with both private and public clients, we’ve delivered a significant number of projects for the Federal government. We implement the latest in structural design and technologies to help deliver your new, renovated or rehabilitated structures. Experienced, innovative and versatile – Ahmin Technology & Power Systems Limited brings stability and integrity to every structural project.

Our structural engineers are at the forefront of innovative design based on new technologies and materials. We’re working across the board on housing developments, industrial plants, the renovation of historic buildings and new build offices, where our structural engineering expertise ensures cost-effectiveness of every scheme.

From sophisticated structural surveys and specifications, to linear and non-linear dynamic analysis, we provide the facts and hard evidence on which effective contracts and prestigious projects can be built.