Working across a spectrum of project types – from large earthen dams to bridge projects – our geotechnical engineers examine the materials and conditions of your site, detecting any issues of site materials in order to make sure structures and facilities perform safely and successfully. We provide a quality comprehensive package of services, delivered on a timely basis.

Our detailed geotechnical reports are based on a combination of advanced desk research with field and laboratory analysis techniques. Our investigating engineers can assess  possible constraints on the development of the site, the potential for contamination and its  impact on land value, providing remediation strategies and geotechnical design for slopes, earthworks and foundations.

Our Geotechnical Engineering Services include:

§ Earth Structures

§ Geosynthetics Designs

§ Ground Water Control

§ Facility Foundations

§ Flood Risk Management

§ Retaining Wall Design

§ Soil Erosion Studies

§ Subgrade Evaluations/Design

§ Trenchless Technology

§ Watercourse Stabilization